1. Corpse Reviver No 1 Cues
    The Marshmallow Ghosts

  2. Dandelion Gum
    Black Moth Super Rainbow

  3. The Piano Album
    Casket Girls

  4. PERM
    Gramma's Boyfriend

  5. Everything Dies
    Des Ark

  6. Graveface Sampler
    Various Artists

  7. Oh, Ramona
    Hospital Ships

  8. Whirr 'Sway'

  9. Dott & Night School - Carousel

  10. The Marshmallow Ghosts 'Corpse Reviver No 1, Vol 1'

  11. Whirr - Pipe Dreams (Redux)

  12. Graveface Charity Series

  13. The Haunted and the Haunters
    The Marshmallow Ghosts

  14. Haley Bonar - Last War
    Haley Bonar

  15. The House of Apples and Eyeballs
    Black Moth Super Rainbow + The Octopus Project

  16. Golder
    Haley Bonar

  17. 'Two Conversations'
    The Appleseed Cast

  18. Night School - Heart Beat
    Night School

  19. Creepoid - Wet

  20. The Casket Girls - True Love Kills the Fairy Tale
    The Casket Girls

  21. Xiu Xiu - Nina
    Xiu Xiu

  22. Dott 'Swoon'

  23. Dosh 'Milk Money'

  24. The Stargazer Lilies - We are the Dreamers
    The Stargazer Lilies

  25. Around

  26. Hospital Ships 'Destruction in Yr Soul'
    Hospital Ships

  27. The Casket Girls - Holding You Back b/w Suddenly
    The Casket Girls

  28. Illumination Ritual
    The Appleseed Cast

  29. Weary Engine Blues - Crossroads

  30. Weary Engine Blues - North Star

  31. Eternal - Breathe

  32. Gramma's Boyfriend 'The Human Eye'
    Gramma's Boyfriend

  33. Serengeti 'Saal'

  34. Toman 'Postrockhits Vol 2'

  35. The Lava Children s/t
    The Lava Children

  36. Distressor

  37. And the Tears Washed Me, Wave After Cowardly Wave

  38. Blue Water White Death s/t
    Blue Water White Death

  39. Dreamend 'as if by ghosts...'

  40. Dreamend 'Maybe we're Making God Sad and Lonely'

  41. Dreamend 'The Long Forgotten Friend'

  42. Everyone is a Ghost
    Monster Movie

  43. Experimental Aircraft 'Third Transmission"
    Experimental Aircraft

  44. Hospital Ships 'Lonely Twin'
    Hospital Ships

  45. Hundred Hands 'Her Accent Was Excellent'
    Hundred Hands

  46. Kid Dakota 'A Winner's Shadow'
    Kid Dakota

  47. Monster Movie 'All Lost'
    Monster Movie

  48. Monster Movie 'Transistor'
    Monster Movie

  49. So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite

  50. The Loose Salute 'Tuned to Love'
    The Loose Salute

  51. Eating Us
    Black Moth Super Rainbow

  52. The Appleseed Cast 'Middle States'
    The Appleseed Cast

  53. The Loose Salute 'Getting Over Being Under'
    The Loose Salute

  54. The Casket Girls - Sleepwalking

  55. The Marshmallow Ghosts s/t
    The Marshmallow Ghosts

  56. The Casket Girls - s/t
    The Casket Girls

  57. The Nighty Nite 'Dimples'
    The Nighty Nite

  58. TW Walsh 'Songs of Pain and Leisure'
    TW Walsh

  59. The Seven Fields of Aphelion 'Periphery'
    The Seven Fields of Aphelion

  60. Toman 'Where Wolves Wear Wolf Wear'

  61. Trick / Treat
    The Marshmallow Ghosts


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Graveface Records is a small independent label with a focus on all things hand-made, hand-assembled & unique. If you're in the south, stop by our retail shop at 5 w 40th st, Savannah GA 31401.

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